Coofeliz – Cafés das Montanhas do Caparaó (Minas Gerais – Brasil)

Somos uma Cooperativa de Agricultores Familiares trabalhando em harmonia com as Montanhas do Caparaó

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Minas Gerais Coffee Producers

We are Coofeliz, a cooperative of family farmers working according to the principles of a Fair Economy, located in the Municipality of Espera Feliz, in the mountains of the Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Our cooperative was founded in 2006 and our network counts more than 400 families, including producers and consumers, who take from Coofeliz products: coffee, corn, beans, vegetables and much more. We also work with small cattle (chickens, goats, pigs). Our products are sold in the context of Fair Trade and we supply local school canteens.

We invest in training through courses, workshops and seminars to discuss agroecology and a fair trade economy.

Coofeliz means “Happy Cooperative” in Portuguese.


Our Cooffes

100% High Grown Arabica Coffees

Our line includes specialty coffees microlots, Lots from exclusive plots, with unique characters and taste. Limited Editions/Seasonal Coffees.

Coofeliz - Agricultura Familiar

Production Area

Espera Feliz, Minas Gerais, South-Eastern Region – Brazil

Wonderful mountains

Coofeliz is located around the Caparaó Mountains (Serra do Caparaó), near to the Caparaó National Park in Minas Gerais Estate. The third highest point in the Brazil is located in this area, the Pico da Bandeira (Flag Mountain Peak), with 2,892 meters (9,488 feet) of altitude. The region preserves stunning visuals with beautiful dawn and sunset.

Coofeliz - Serra do Caparaó

Ours Goals

The improvement of living conditions of farmers, from the marketing of the products and technical advice related to agroecological management. To promote the organization

economic and social development of its members, with education processes focused on the organization of production. Search the adding value to its products that promotes access to specific markets, generating income and quality of life.

Coofeliz - Agricultura Familiar

Food Acquisition Programme of Brazilian government

This Programme make possible to sell food to local government opens up a huge market for our products. Coofeliz has decided to participate on this project, as a learning process. Our proposal is to increase the number of farmers involved, in a slow and continuous movement. It is a challenge that the government has put in our hands. It is not going to be easy for smallholder farmers to supply the necessary food to cover 30% of the whole school meal.

The popular cooperatives are grounded on principles such as solidarity and self management. However, it is worth noting that many cooperatives face difficulties in several aspects of management and restrictions on access to markets. Within this context, the main objective of the extension project described in this paper was to support the organization of family farmers based on a cooperative (Cooperativa de Produção da Agricultura Familiar Solidária – Coofeliz) in the city of Espera Feliz-MG. To achieve this goal there were actions such as workshops, training planning and project preparation, discussions with partners and organizational support in order to contribute to the learning process for strengthening the social environment of Coofeliz. There are indications that the project contributed to a better organization of the cooperative, providing access to public policy programs and the support to the preparation and approval of an extension project funded by the Agrarian Development Ministry (MDA). We conclude that the joints and partnerships of organizations of family farms are essential for promoting actions of local development. These elements are critical to the involvement and organizational improvement of the cooperative members, providing capabilities to overcome the problems faced by enterprises in solidarity systems. Read more on the publication: Success in Reducing Hunger: Lessons from India, Malawi and Brazil – Report for International Food Security Network (Curtis Research).

Come visit our community. You will be welcome!

COOFELIZ. Rua Matheus Ignachit, 36 - Centro . Espera Feliz, Minas Gerais - Brasil
Cep: 36830-000 . Contato: +55 (32) 3746-1978 .
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